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The Details!

How much is the pop-up promotion?

If you decide to come by yourself, the cost for the promotional session is $435.

However, if you decide to bring a friend (18+) to share the session with, there is a cost savings!  The promotional session will be $390 each.

What time is the pop-up?

This is an all day event.  However, the session times will vary

between 9a-2p

When will I know my session time?

You will be made aware of your session time after July 9th.  However, you will still need to reserve your space for the day.  Start that process by clicking here.

What does "21 women in 2021 promotion" mean?

Navy B. Rae will be shooting 21 women this year, 2021 and we would love for you to be one of them.  At the end of the year, we will be hosting a luxe gallery style reveal party.  This will display images from this year and show the beautiful, powerful and luxe women of 2021! 

This all sounds amazing! Where do I start?

So glad you are excited to be included in this limited promotion!  First step is to start here.  This will allow us to know you are interested and will also schedule a consultation.  When you are ready to move forward, you'll then submit payment to reserve your spot!  Navy B. Rae Photography will then communicate the session time with you soon after July 9th.

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We are excited that you are interested in attending our first event! Please see the below FAQs!

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