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Navy B. Rae Photography

"Every woman deserves this!"

-A. Williams

The Luxeperience

Immerse yourself in the exclusive world of Luxeperience, where every photoshoot transcends the ordinary. Elevate your moments with a personal photographer, dedicated hair stylist, makeup artist, and wardrobe consultant – your dream team committed to ensuring you radiate confidence and allure.

With Navy B. Rae Photography, we redefine photography sessions. It's not just about capturing moments; it's about curating an unparalleled, VIP experience tailored to exceed your expectations. From the lens to the finishing touches, we craft an atmosphere where your unique beauty shines.

Book your session today and step into a realm where luxury meets artistry, and every detail is designed to make you feel extraordinary.

Luxeperience Team. Detroit based female entrepreneurs working and supporting each other.  Focused on empowering other women and helping them find their confidence.

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"A shoot with Navy B. Rae Photography
is a form of self-care"

-M. Jordan

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Detroit, Michigan Photographer

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